LES TRACES du TEMPS exposition

J’ai l’honneur et le plaisir d’avoir été sélectionnée par la Primo Piano Living Gallery pour participer à l’exposition internationale qu’ils organisent à Lecce ( région des Pouilles) en Italie sur le thème des traces du temps: »Traces of Time ». L’exposition se tiendra du 20 Mai au 2 Juin à la Palmieri Foundation de Lecce.




From 20 May to 02 June 2023

Primo Piano LivinGallery is pleased to invite you to the contemporary art exhibition Traces of Time curated by Dores Sacquegna. The event, under auspices by the Municipality and set up at the Palmieri Foundation in Lecce, will be inaugurated on Saturday 20 May at 7.30pm in the presence of the artists. During the opening day, the performance Perceptual Border by Massimiliano Manieri and Madia Biondo and the Multi Traces sound incursions by musician and composer M° Alberto “Nick” Bolettieri.  Primo Piano Editions Catalog on display. 

The exhibition 

Time is the substance of which I am made.  It’s a river in flood that drags me along but I am the River.  It is a tiger that devours me but I am the Tiger, It is a fire that consumes me but I am the Fire (Jorge L. Borges)

In Greek philosophical thought, time is a single and homogeneous flow, in which all things subject to change are immersed. This stream is mostly circular, and its symbol is the Ouroboros, the serpent or dragon that eats its own tail. Our existence is marked by time: through its perception, the human being recognizes himself and builds his being in the world, placing himself in relationship with other subjects. Each of us fits into a time that already exists: a mythical time, a historical time, and a cosmic time and all three dimensions interact continuously and represent, one for the other, a condition of possibility of experience and of knowledge. The human being, without interrupting the linear progress of time, can spiritually return to his origins, when he discovers in the world and in himself the traces of the divine, that is, the ancient source of Being, which the ancients called Apocalypse or Revelation and that doom and darkness were always connected with it. The river that we call Time is ourselves: to stop the river, we must alchemically strip ourselves of the bark and refocus on our inner rhythm.

The artists 

The exhibition is made up of twenty-one artists and performers from the national and international scene, present in the exhibition with multidisciplinary works including performance and sound. In the trilogy between mythical, historical, and cosmic time, three large installations on display between the geographies of the exodus, the body and cyberspace, history, and memory by French artist Brigitte Amarger. Floating worlds and Zen encryptions in the pictorial works by French artist Claudie Bastide. Rhythms, algorithms and signs in the vibrant canvases by Nena Cirkovic, a Serbian artist  based in Austria. Light as a revelation of our divine Self in the work by Slovenian Ines Fugina-Malnar. Histrionic and anthropomorphic everyday objects with the micro sculptures by American artist Ronald Gonzalez, who addresses the issues of identity between memory, mortality, and rebirth. Cyclical time in the celebration of a ritual between man and woman in the paintings by Pnina Granirer, a Romanian artist based in Canada. Transience and nature in the installations of natural elements by American artist Dena Haden and in the recycled materials by Dutch artist Hannie Kortland. Magnetic fields of information in phenomenological space are the pictorial polyptych by the Chinese artist Ping He. Beauty, death, transformation and rebirth in the evocative works by UK-based South African artist Lize Krüger. Physical, psychological and social identity in the micro-sculpture by Masha Luch, a Siberian artist based in Montenegro and time and space in the alchemical sculpture by American artist Maudegrasse. War in the fifth dimension is depicted in Polish artist Pawel Opalinski‘s slow-speed photographs of moving objects, and nature as a science-fiction, hybrid landscape in photographs by French designer and artist Marie Piselli, whose sequential works remind us of the big bang cosmic. A visionary who dreams of entire worlds is the theme of the pictorial diptych by Marco Riha, an Austrian who lives and works in Mexico. Discovering one’s identity roots between travel, memory and slow rhythms in the photos by American artist Anthony Kyle Rotelli of Italian origins. Creative inscriptions, traces, alphabets, symbols between figuration and abstraction, the pictorial works by Luxembourg artist Margot Reding-Schroeder, made with wax, stone powders, transfers that give a sense of eternity. The earth and the sea and the relationship between art and science in the pictorial works by German artist Verena Schwarz, based in New Mexico. Stories of stones, memory, fragility, and cyclical time in the installation by Italian artist Teresa Vella. All artists have a wealth of professional experience, exhibitions and public collections.

Massimiliano Manieri began his professional activity in the nineties, with reading and itinerant project such as the Poet-Bar, where his approach to storytelling and poetry emerges. Over time, he develops performative and conceptual projects of great visual and communicative impact, which lead him to exhibit in Performing Art Festivals, galleries, and museums at national and European level. In performance with Perceptual Border (with the participation of Madia Biondo). The performance is a moment of reflection on own Self, through a monologue between the performer and his conscience. In the dilated space of the action, the artist plays on various levels of reading, inviting the viewer to speak and react to verbal provocations. The goal of the performance is to rediscover for better or for worse, the beauty of the uniqueness of the human being with its wonderful facets.

Alberto “Nick” Bolettieri, is a multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, and conductor, born in Milan, currently living in Lecce. He has numerous concert and recording collaborations with great names in the music scene in the field of jazz and pop music, including Marco Mengoni, Giuliano Sangiorgi, La Crus, Ennio Morricone, Armando Trovajoli, Paolo Fresu. He has performed extensively as lead orchestral trumpet in Broadway musicals including Grease, Hairspray, Beauty and the Beast, Shrek and playing in Paris theatres including Le Theatre Bobino, Casino de Paris. On stage with the Multi traces performance, a loop station that describes – through the sonority of the trumpet – the traces of the time, as a scrolling of the beat.

Artists: Brigitte Amarger (France), Claudie Bastide (France), Nena Cirkovic (Austria), Ines Fugina-Malnar (Slovenia), Ronald Gonzalez (US), Pnina Granirer (Canada), Dena Haden (US), Ping He (China), Hannie Kortland (Netherlands), Lize Krüger (UK), Masha Luch (Montenegro), Maudegrasse (US), Pawel Opalinski (Poland), Marie Piselli (France), Marco Riha (Mexico), Margot Reding- Schroeder (Luxembourg), Anthony Kyle Rotelli (US), Verena Schwarz (US), Teresa Vella (Italy).

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Palmieri Foundation, Vico dei Sotterranei, Lecce

Opening: Monday to Saturday 17:00 – 21:00

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Exposition Vente Aux Enchères

Aujourd’hui vendredi 3 juin de 10h à 18h  et demain samedi de 10h à 11h

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Soutenez vos artistesimprobable 17 89x116

Exposition  » CHRONIQUES » du 11 au 15 Novembre

Exposition  CHRONIQUES  

au Bastille Design Center (voir flyer)

 vernissage le 12 Novembre à partir de 18h
Exposition du 11 au 15 Novembre de 11h à 20h.

Nous avons voulu associer des auteurs (romanciers, journalistes, chroniqueurs, poètes, paroliers de chansons…).
Chaque artiste a dû créer une oeuvre en résonance avec le roman, le poème, ou l’article choisi.

programmation horaires de lecture

Pour ma part


m’a inspiré une grande toile que je vous invite à venir découvrir.

Des rendez-vous lecture sont programmés le vendredi à 18h, le Samedi et le Dimanche à 15h et 18h (voir flyer).

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EXPOSITION « Le Geste et l’Aléatoire »de Claudie Bastide Espace Arte Viva

Exposition de peintures jusqu’au 8 février

Espace ARTE VIVA   25 rue Trébois  92300 Levallois Perret

Métro Ligne 3 Pte Champerret  station Louise Michel

Parking Hôtel de ville gratuit la 1er heure !

Je serai présente à la galerie pour vous accueillir le samedi 24 janvier de 15h à 19h


Exposition chez Arte Viva
Exposition chez Arte Viva


Il était une fois, à l’autre bout du Net, à l’autre bout du monde,

une jeune personne investie de la noble mission

d’ouvrir les yeux de ses élèves sur la création artistique.

Elle demande aux artistes qu’elle sollicite de collaborer

dans l’élaboration d’un projet différent pour chaque classe.

C’est ainsi que par la magie du Net, je peux apprécier avec bonheur,

chaque semaine, grâce aux vidéos de Mme Perez,

les petites chaises qui sortent de leurs mains.


 Figurez-vous que là-bas, loin sur leur île en plein océan indien,

il faut nourrir ces esprits curieux…

Qu’à cela ne tienne, elle a réalisé un blog:


véritable mine d’or, comme une base de données artistiques

qu’elle enrichit chaque jour au fil de la progression des projets.

Je tiens à tirer UN GRAND COUP DE CHAPEAU à


et à inciter les lecteurs de cet article à se promener sur son blog.

Encouragez-la, elle le mérite .

Claudie Bastide

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